Self-portrait, 2017


Pen-to-paper freedom fighter

Fighting for light
for the freedom of our souls
long enough suppressed,

by critics
and lack of sleep

So as I journey
finding my way
sometimes dead ends
sometimes detours
always lessons to learn
and badges to earn

I’ve been searching for and finding keys
in the beginning it was in the dark
and mostly for unlocking prison doors

The journey is forward
upward and onward
more light, more keys
now more often for treasures untold

Most recently I’ve discovered
a wonderful reality
on the journey of self-discovery

It’s about my wiring
how I work
and my place
in life’s
rich tapestry

My crime used to be
now my gift has become

I feel the pain and the joy
of others
and can help unlock
tears that’s been stored and blocked
they need crying
to find freedom
from the burdens
of old
stuffed down

After the tears
joy becomes
pure and clear
pleasure guiltless 
laughter freer

So this is why
I like to share
the things I discover
the ways that I learn

I’m an empath
and I understand
we all have a part to play
we all need each other

How do you see yourself? Can you celebrate your own gifts, even when they are misunderstood by others? I’d love to hear from you.

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