The Unstranger

  A poem about in love or infatuation: that first phase of what might become something beautiful and valuable.
I won’t just swallow
all these
feelings anymore
This unstranger 
came along 
and my earth quaked
He came like a hammer
and unknowingly
broke something
open in me
It’s not even about him
specifically, I think
but then again
that’s the whole point
of connection
not random 
or general
a real encounter
in time, place and person
In this however
I have no power
I want this treasure
he wants another
so I have to walk 
my journey
and deal with all 
this longing in me
The longing to find
another like him
who seems to spark
every star in my 
constellation of being
It was as though
my soul
recognised his
naked, defenseless
filled with depth and adventure
In life there is lightness 
and many pleasures
but in the darkness
we need the treasures
that cannot be bought
found or fought for
The treasures we need
are the ones that are given
free of charge
we just have to choose them
My choice is this
to write
and keep my heart
clear and light
How do you deal with disappointment in ‘in love’? What do you think about infatuation? Do we need more of a conversation about this topic, especially with the younger generation?
I think so. I think that acknowledging, owning and exploring our common humanity in an accepting and non-judgemental atmosphere can bring a lot of healing and insight and prevent a lot of heartache. I believe there is power in sharing our experiences and our stories.

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