For me, writing is a form of healing. It is a way of figuring things out, of trying to capture the feeling of something that is hard to explain. What I write does not necessarily relate to specific events or people, but rather to patterns of life, discoveries and explorations of feeling and meaning. For me, it is a way to make sense of things, to express and explore, to release and let go, to move through and move on. Writing is part of my process to keep moving forward.

Writing really helps
for those words

that get stuck
in the throat

Also for grief
stuck in the heart
but crying is better
for that

Writing also helped
for the fear 
that unfertilized
my soil
where roots withered
so the tree 
of my dreams
sometimes blossomed
but never bloomed

It’s the words
that lift and unravel
the knots of shame
my own words
with a clear voice
and a straight gaze
this is who I am

With the unravelling
of writing
that bound-up inner child
learns to laugh again
enjoying guiltless pleasure
the exuberance of 
unapologetic freedom
to explore
to express
to question
to connect

to soar once again
on wild imaginations

now knowing

that what is believed
is what becomes real.

I’d like to know what writing means to you. Reading is my other process. When the lie of disconnection pulls at my heart, I am grateful for writers who expressed part of their soul in stories and poems and songs. When I feel lost in a society conditioned to believe so many disconnecting lies, I take refuge in the writings and lyrics that give me access to another’s thoughts and feelings and I know it is important to push back against the tide.

When I feel the expectation and requirement to hide and pretend, then I read and read and realise it is better to write and rebel until I find a way to be authentic and real.

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