god should have made girls lethal

when he made monsters of men

– Elisabeth Hewer


Let’s talk about conquest

Yes, let’s hold an inquest

to try and work out

why love is so scarce

and sex so messed up

It’s like some

friendship evangelism

with friendly interest

to make a convert

to the illusory intimacy

of consumerist sex

Then the time of torture

conquest completed

that one now wants nothing

the other wants more

is left wanting

So this the problem

of the norm

the conquered turns object

the other turns predator

dangerous and fearsome

So will boys be boys

and girls mere toys?

It’s the pattern of lies

believed for so long

that makes true love

the rare miracle

reserved mostly

for poem and song


the true believers

keep risking their hearts

their courage and strength


by the men who

laugh and laugh

It’s not unfair to weigh the balance thus

men have been the consumers

disconnected from their hearts

they satisfy

their zombified


Are they shut off from

the pain they feel

like they’re shut off from

the pain they cause?

I, for one, have to see it like so

to still see them

as human at all!

It’s the pain of deceit

that wrecks me most

to be treated like meat

without a soul

So where to from here?

my journey’s my own

safety, forgiveness, kindness

sincerity, peace and joy

that’s how I adorn my home

I refuse to be conquered

by the conquest

that leaves me with the

monsters of





And Guilt

And choose to conquer

Fear with Love

Despair with Hope

Confusion with Truth

Shame with Vulnerability

Guilt with Forgiveness or Permission

as what is forbidden

cannot be explored

This way I’m the conquerer

and my journey always forward

towards more light and laughter

it’s authenticity and freedom

that I’m after

And in that bright and spacious place

surely there will be room

for magic to sparkle

as miracles happen

the tenderness of true love

not without passion.

Now for a little note about the quote by Elisabeth Hewer:

I do not believe god made men monsters. Our patriarchal cultures of shame and disconnection have constructed the game of seeking love and connection in this brutal way. What was meant to be natural, beautiful, meaningful and most vulnerable, has become a bloodied battlefield strewn with the debris of broken hearts and lives.

But the human spirit calls out for a different way. Poems and songs by both men and women tell this story of despair and hope and a longing for love.

Social media is full of it: heartache and hope. The blogging world is full of it. We are all searching for love and connection, but so many don’t know it’s the conditioned shame written in their cultures that bind them and blind them.

Are you sick of ‘the game’?

Have you found true love?

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Yes I have. The thing I learned when I looked at my past was that they ( media, movies etc. ) told us boys that sex was acceptance and the lack thereof was rejection. But I found true love in spite of the lies they spoke.

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    1. thia-runner-writer says:

      I’m glad to hear that!
      I also think you hit the nail right on the head when you say ‘in spite of the lies.’ It’s down to the lies that are woven into our culture that then become accepted as the norm.
      Thank you for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. thia-runner-writer says:

      I’ve thought about your comment a bit more and I have a question. Where did the acceptance and rejection lie with regards to what you were told through lies? Was it acceptance and rejection of the woman by the man through fb sex or vice versa?
      The subliminal message to woman has been that it their duty to say ‘no’, play ‘hard to get’ and if you give in and then subsequently get rejected it is only your own fault. It can get so bad that any sort of physical encounter leads to a fight/flight response, because the pain of rejection is what will follow through conditioning and experience.


      1. It’s just the basic idea that if she doesn’t have sex with you then you’re a loser. Which is a lie of course.
        Advice to my younger self would be that acceptance is more than just “getting laid”.
        I was the guy who wanted a forever relationship from day one. But if she continued to say no then I thought deep down she couldn’t possibly love me.

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      2. thia-runner-writer says:

        It’s just ridiculous how the lies set us up for failure. I am making it my mission to expose as many of the lies as I can discover. Thank you for that!
        It’s also good to know there are guys who want forever relationships from day one. The women think that’s a woman thing. It’s all really rather crazy, especially if one tries to date again in one’s forties! 😂

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