Fear and anxiety
Distorted perception
Suspicion, sarcasm
a form of aggression
Denial of all these
the doors shut to healing
only the perpetuity of
all the feelings
loneliness, shame, longing
Love just a myth
all those who appear
to have it
therefore just pretending
which is a form of lying
and herein lies the irony
of this
let each find his own truth
and live by it.

I feel there is more to say about this, but the words are not presenting themselves right now. There is a marvellous process that one can engage with to break out of this state of suffocation and I think it has to do with learning how to breathe again, deeply, consciously, with gratitude.

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  1. Are you okay, Thia?❤️

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    1. thia-runner-writer says:

      Yes very much so. Though my writing draws from my own life too and of what i observe around me, first, it is creative. The creative process is not about statements of facts, but about the painting of a picture in words to speak illustrate or bring into focus something that is otherwise maybe not so clearly visible. Also, it aims to bring questions to the reader’s mind.

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  2. Peter says:

    True words hurt the most, but thank me, thank you, there is a process, and not just a final judgement. Who speaks the last word? Who dares, and why? No indeed there is more to say, more to write, the making of another truth, another narrative, the making of true love.

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    1. thia-runner-writer says:

      True and healing love.


  3. Certainly some food for thought. It brought to mind something that a friend recently said. “Don’t settle for an off the shelf life. ” The idea was that the feeling of suffocation comes from trying to adapt to the world’s idea of what the perfect you should be instead of being who you know that you are.

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    1. thia-runner-writer says:

      Yes I agree with that completely. It has been through a slow process of increasing awareness that I am becoming conscious of long held unconscious beliefs that lead to behaviour patterns that reinforce the feelings and the belief systems that made me do just that. I think freedom comes from finding ways to discover and accept the uniqueness of the self and then also others. This makes life deliciously sweet.

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      1. In the days before the industrial revolution a family rarely worked away from home and the work brought them closer together. Now it seems that we are a just pieces of a larger machine.

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      2. thia-runner-writer says:

        Yes, how to get some balance back, some harmony, that’s one of the challenges facing this generation and the ones following.

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