About – Becoming and Being

Hi, I’m Thia. I live in a pretty corner of South Wales where there are lots of opportunities to run and be close to nature. This makes me happy, as I continue to marvel at the wonder of being alive and becoming free.

So this brings me to a place where I can finally write an about me page! It’s been a journey. For decades life felt more like a lurching from crisis to crises, mostly of the identity kind! No wonder it took so long to get here. Now it feels more like life. Life that is a process of becoming. Well, that’s just one of the things I’ve discovered as I continue to reach backwards, forwards, inwards, outwards and upwards: for truth, for freedom, for health, for happiness, for connection.

This blog is bits of my story, my journey of finding my voice, of becoming less fake and more real, of becoming less seperated and more connected, of replacing fear with trust, anxiety with peace, despair with hope. Part of that becoming is to write and make the writing visible, available for others to see. So I write about many things, whatever comes up really, whatever presents itself. It’s a bit like catching a wave. When the wave comes along, you catch it and ride it. It’s is not a matter of controlling the wave, but going with the power of it and feeling the exhiliration of the oneness with the movement of the water.

So I would say it is STORY, it is DISCOVERY, it is VULNERABILITY, it is CREATIVITY, it is EXPRESSION, it is OBSERVATION, it is FUN and PLAY, it is RHYME and POETRY, it is ME on life’s JOURNEY. I write about all of this as well as the things that I do that light me up with pleasure: running, writing, travel, yoga, photography, love, friendship, adventure and so on.

My vision for this blog is that it will not only be a place of expression for me, but also place of inspiration. Inspiration for health and happiness, built on foundations of truth and freedom, acceptance and love.

Others are often where I draw inspiration from. Others who have the courage to ask questions, become freer and to be, fully. Others who take risks, who create, who believe, who persevere, who sacrifice. We are part of each other, there is no getting away from that. What we commit or omit has an impact.

So more than anything else, I hope that this blog will also become a place of connection with others. I would love to hear from you and get to know your stories. Please get in touch or sign up and let me know what you think.




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