A Christmas confusion

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas! Jesus is the reason for the season! Santa Claus delivers presents on Christmas Eve. The Magic of Christmas. Really? Is it magic? Do we need magic, or do we need to be real? Just a few questions as this time of year does appear to push many towards crisis. Why? There are as many stories as people, as many traditions as families and hopefully room somewhere for growth, for change, for evolution.

This is just a perspective of sorts. Please don’t take it seriously, it is meant to stimulate thought, not in any way be a final word!

If ever anything
gave the impotence
of Christianity away
it would be it’s claim
to what we call Christmas
I’ve been confused
since my childhood
in the Southern hemisphere
Completely illogical and rather daft
decorating fake pine trees
with lights
in summer’s height!
A fat man sweating it out
in a red winter suit
whilst laughing Ho, ho, ho!
What a joke!
Somehow all this was made holy
by Jesus
whom it was really all about
that’s what the adults told us
as they dragged us along to church
Now many years later
after years in the north
a journey of logic
by reason I’ve learnt
the Winter Solstice first
brought all this about
The pine trees, the lights
there is time to craft gifts
these long dark nights
Here it makes sense
I just go with the flow
there’s a rhythm to life
its easy now
to invite the tree
to celebrate
The need to say it’s all about Jesus
I simply cannot see
well at least it’s not for me
Nor will I bow down and worship
the tree or the soil
I simply
accept and celebrate the seasons
the things that make them so
gravity of planets, moons and stars
chemistry and physics
and more things we do not know
So without the religiosity
of a stolen celebration
of a misplaced seasonal phenomenon
exported everywhere
by commercial contamination
I can savour these dark days
in honesty
with tears and also laughter
I can deconstruct and let things go
and find new ways
more meaning
and a life that is real
one in which I can say what I think
and share what I feel.

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