Struck down by injury; why I can’t run!

A week ago I went along to join the local ladies touch rugby practice. It was great fun, but it did not last long; at least not for me.

Since then I’ve had more time to practice my writing skills and came up with a little rhyme  that might entertain, educate or merely remind of simple sound exercise principles.

Hope you enjoy it!


In the name of fun
I went along

for a game of touch rugby
but never warmed up properly.

Now it’s easy to get carried away
in a crowd even easier
But try to remember to do what is right
or you might lose a leg
after you lose your head.

I did know better
than to run at full speed
on a cold Friday evening
there certainly was a need
for muscles to be warmed up 
and stretched out
but I did not and now I’m out!

At least the pain
has brought back the gain
of sense to my head
whilst I rehabilitate.

Rest, ice, compress, elevate
Take it easy, wait
then gently stretch and
weightbear with care
Get help, 
get the injury checked out. 

So please learn from my mistake
Warm up, stretch out
and use your head.

Don’t be stupid like me,
I knew it
but did not do it!

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