Flowers of purposeful frivolity

I wrote this little poem a while ago. It was part of my own awakening from some sort of slumber, some sort of survival mode. I believe that beauty and play and wasting time and other things are essential to the health of the human soul. This includes the celebration of one’s own creativity. With this blog, I am celebrating my own creativity in some small way. This last weekend dear friends emigrated to Swaziland from Swansea. Earlier this year dear friends moved to Cambridgeshire from Swansea. Why do people do that, move away? Well, in life we move. I have moved a lot. The last move I made cannot be measure by earth’s geography. It was a move from zombieland to life! It is ongoing. It is marvellous! I can highly recommend it. This little poem was part of the awakening and I will post more about this move out of zombieland.

Note: in this poem He is God. 


He gives me baskets full of flowers
to scatter as I walk

For the beauty
for the fragrance
the frivolous abundance
that we
in our folly
is completely unneccessary
we walk the dreary path
of utility
a path without colour
or excess
or wastage

Let the flowers grow
with colours and shapes
with fragrance and the
folly that is wise

Feel merriness arise
in your heart
a smile
spread across your face
your feet
may even skip
when you allow
the colours and the fragrance
to touch your heart.

I’m thankful for the flowers
and suspect that their purpose
include our enjoyment
and merriness of heart. 

What beauty do you see around you? What fills you with joy and emotion? There is so much we can miss if we are in too much in a rush. Slow down and smell the roses, hey!

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