Keep moving forward

Recently I ran my third marathon. It was the inaugural ABP Newport Wales Marathon on 29 April 2018.

Running has been an integral part of my process in discovering my own inner compass. So much of my life I have tried to find the right set of rules to live by and got tangled up, gagged, miserable and confused. The reason for this is that rules don’t have a soul. They can help you to make the worst choices and reach the exact opposite of you dreams and aspirations as this way of rule living does not nurture a connection with or even recognise the existence of that inner compass. So it’s been a journey of unravelling, of hope, of tears, of joy, of change.

I was given a gorgeous gorgeous piece of Momentum jewellery on the morning of the race. I’ve worn it ever since and reflect on the words often.

The words were obviously motivationally appropriate during the running of the marathon. This was even more so from 30km onwards where it became increasingly challenging to do just that!

In life, it is not always as obvious where we need to apply this motivation intentionally. There are so many places to get stuck, many of them unconscious. Many stuck placs are hidden in the ‘norm’ of our cultural realities and inheritances.

In some things we may never have had momentum and may still have to awaken to our stationary state and find a way to even get moving.

Whenever the feeling of powerlessness or despair of negativity want to crepp up on me I say: “No, not this way anymore. I have options. Once I know them, I have choices. When I know my options and make my choices I move forward, because every choice, movement and result an opportunity to learn. Learning itself is forward motion. No-ove ever has to remain stuck!”

Know them

Make them


Have you been moving forward in any areas of your life? Have you experiences transformation, found fresh insight? Please share how and what you have learnt. We all need each other if we want to transform not only our own lives, but our world.

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