Fallen into consciousness

Fallen into consciousness
from where?

And yet as I breathe
I consider that
I don’t know
about the things
containing chlorophyll

All those vegetating vegetations
do they know
their own meaning?
their own purpose?

Do they know
that it is their greenness
kissed by the sunshine
that nourishes the air that I breathe
and solar powers the food that I eat
keeping this body
that carries my consciousness

They, nor any
of the other living things
seem to
search or strive or question
they appear to simply be
in perpetual serenity

Whereas man has to struggle
by his consciousness
and search for meaning in life
or choose an existence
of apathy.

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  1. I don’t believe that God ever intended for us to live our lives in little boxes.
    In the morning we climb into a metal box with wheels and race to box where we sit at,a desk inside a second box and perform tasks until we ride the metal cox back home.

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    1. thia-runner-writer says:

      Yes, I think we live in a crazy society where we have become removed from nature and we are losing our understanding of the nature of life. There is a much slower, almost magical flow all around and we can tune into it, it is always there. No matter how fast we can do things and how much we can accomplish, it still takes 500 years for an oak tree to mature and 9 months for a baby to be ready for birth.

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