This is my first blog post ever. I have no idea how to operate wordpress. No matter, I’ll just get on with writing something.

This, I have found,is often the best way forward. Trial and error. Just get on and do something. Make a start. Make a mistake. Get something right. We only live once. Try to make it count. Use the voice I have been given. Say something, it might be useful to someone else. It might just be useful to me as I might discover what I’m thinking.

Treasure is often in the process. So now I’ll engage with the process and see what happens. This process appears to be turning into rambling. Focus.

I have this vision of building a website that will not only be a place of expression for me, but a place of inspiration for others: Inspiration for health and happiness, built on foundations of truth and freedom, acceptance and love.

Others are often where I draw inspiration from. Others who have been created in the image of God and who have the courage to be fully. Others who take risks, who create, who believe, who persevere, who sacrifice. We are part of each other, there is no getting away from that. What we commit or omit has an impact.

The title at the top reads: “Remembering”. Today’s post, my first post, I want to dedicate to a dear friend. I remember her often, I miss her. She inspired me, she believed in me, she was part of my journey and then she was stolen away.

I write this to add to the memory of her. Others miss her too. She had many and varied friends. She had a massive personality and an even bigger heart.  She died just over a year ago amidst tragic circumstances in a hotel on another continent. She was only in her early forties. Her gorgeous boy also lost his mom.

When I wrote this poem, I was confused and angry and heartbroken. I met my friend in the context of a group of people who consider themselves part of the Christian Church. For the duration of our friendship and the unfolding of this devastating tragedy, I was coming to many new insights and gained new perspective on the phenomenon that we call the Christian Church.

Christ’s words of warning on ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing and false shepherds who exercise illegitimate authority for selfish motives rang uncomfortably clear. I think there is something brewing in me about the whole sheep analogy….

My own experience within this environment was that the more confident I became in my own relationship with my Creator, receiving healing and affirmation directly from Him, the less I could fit in and agree with what was going on in the name of leadership and discipline and obedience.

This happened by the grace and mercy of God and I am simply grateful for that. I expect that a number of consequent posts will relate back to this time and how I came to a place of greater freedom and peace.


I had a friend,
sweet and beautiful, generous and colourful,
with piercing eyes of love
and a heart of gold,
with laughter bubbling like champagne
scattering brightness and fun all around.

She was powerful and beautiful
yet vulnerable as well.
She needed discernment gifted through
true friendship in sincerity and love.

When the tempter came with a deceptive trap
sent wolves your way,
What would you say?
What would you see?
What would you hear?

The voice of Father?
as He warned: ‘Don’t go near!’

‘Run, run, run away now
just run my darling, you can ask later how.’

Now I can only rest in His peace,
He loves you, delights in you my darling, my friend.
You are a daughter of heaven
and home you have gone
Your earthly destiny stolen
your soul safe and sound. 

So here I remain with choices to make.
In a treacherous world,
His voice only, keeps me safe.
He speaks of His body
His children here on earth
we need Him in each other
so yes I must speak.

To you I did in word and deed
even when it was a warning you
did not or could not hear or heed.

Gifts and functions overlooked
by those you looked up to
those who wield power of form and structure
even eating away at the freedom
you carried as a flower inside you.

She entered my life
by way of her creativity
powerfully flowing with the Spirit
of her Creator and Saviour.

She carried a massive heavenly key
for unlocking prisoners
from their graves of greyness
of programmes and plans

She was free as a bird
bright as a flame
full of fiery passion for her King
who took away all our shame.

She could march into my pain
with her bright pink shoes
with her head held high
and her arms open wide
speaking hope, speaking life.

How I’ve missed you my friend
since the day you were tricked by
deception and lies
twisted half truths dazzling with impure brilliance
and blinding your eyes. 





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