Sensual life

This autumn day
This autumn light
My eyes delight
With colours soft but bright.

All my senses are alive
There are pleasures all around
A touch, a smell, a taste, a sound.

But it is deep in my soul
Where I sense the best of all
The joy and peace
of being loved
and being whole.

Ears, eyes, tongue, skin, nose: These are the sensors of the body. We can experience the world around through smell, touch, taste, sight, sound.  We also have sensors in our soul where thoughts, emotions and decisions dwell. Then there are the sensors of the spirit where wisdom and truth enter to break down defences and reveal pretences.

One would hardly judge or criticize one who has lost or damaged eye sight for bumping into others or knocking something over and it breaks. However, a lot of souls are wandering all around with their invisible love sensors broken or damaged. While their souls starve and continue to receive even the best love messages distorted, the world remains a threatening place. It makes for an anxious life when every relationship bears the threat of judgement and consequent rejection.

But there is hope, there is healing! It takes time and courage to dig up the root and to understand. It takes courage to forgive, wisdom to change old ways and discipline to retrain thoughts and emotions. It also takes a lot of help and love from others who can see past all the distortions. The journey of help is for the brave and selfless, ones who have been saved by mercy and grace and kindness. The hope that is carried by a wounded soul is often simply this: to know and enjoy true friendship.

Today I am grateful for every friend in my life and every kindness shown to me by others.

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  1. Thank you, once again, Thia! This is beautiful. Makes me want to go outside!


  2. keysinyourhand says:

    Thank you Mary.


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