Food Chain

I love food! Everything about it fascinates me. However, food is not food is not food! Some of the stuff that we stuff our pretty faces with can only at best pretend to nourish and energize our bodies. So what I also enjoy is discovering real, honest, wholesome, healing, harmonious food. This type of food brings no destruction to the soil from which everything is ultimately made. This type of food is more than sustainable, it restores on every level, even our own health!

Here is a little poem in gratitude to all organic food producers that keep the soil healthy and the livestock happy!


Favourite colour everywhere
soft green grass to sit or play on
For a horse, a cow, a sheep
it also makes a meal to eat.

But this is how the food chain goes:
Soil, grass, cow or sheep
in the slaughterhouse turned to meat.
Packaged for the shop
where we can buy
then cook and eat!



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