Suspended, in hope

A day, a week, a month gone by
in richness, in stillness
in silence, in victory
as I danced through the days
that were given to me.

Each day so rich
each breath a gift
It’s all I have
Rest in the knowing
makes it more.

Here I’m free
from past regretting
from future fretting
in the stillness of the moment
I can breathe
can sense
can sing

Can draw from
the well of the Spirit
and be the riverbed
for living water
everflowing without end.

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  1. THIA, I just received this note from a friend in Coventry. I think you should enter this beautiful poem! And it’s for such a good cause! Can’t wait to see you next Sunday….love….
    I am organising a poetry competition to help raise money for the charity I work for, ‘Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre’ and another charity, ‘Daughters for Life Foundation’, that invests in the education of Middle Eastern women in order for them to invest in their own communities. The competition will be judged by two renowned poets, ‘Anjum Malik’ and ‘Lemn Sissay’. Competition is open to anyone over 18 years of age. International entries accepted aswell. First prize – £300! I will tag some people who I know either appreciate poetry/writing or like to dabble in a bit of it themselves! But it’s open to all, so please share it with anyone who you think might be interested 🙂

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  2. keysinyourhand says:

    Hallo Mary, thank you so much for your encouraging words. I would love to enter this competition, purely because you told me about it. Maybe you could help me to pick what to enter? I also look forward to seeing you this Sunday.


    1. I love the one you just posted recently, but if you have time, maybe we could sit down together and look at your poems and choose? She said you can submit as many as you want. xxx


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