I’ve been given a voice
to use it or not, that’s my choice

In the silence of my fear
my soul withers, death draws near

Death of hopes, death of dreams
eyes turn blind, deaf turn ears

From the darkness of despair
my voice must rise to raise a cry

A cry to God?
A cry for truth, for freedom, for courage

The courage to speak
the truth
that sets me free

courage fuelled by love
for God, from God

for me
and those still bound
in the silence
of their fears.


I believe that sound always precedes light. For those of faith in God, he spoke and so created the light. For those of faith in the universe, the big bang was the beginning of everything. At birth the baby cries before it opens it’s eyes.

And so is life. The authentic, revealing voice, our inner creative force, cracks us out of ourselves. The cracking can hurt, it can be scary. It is exhilirating in it’s vulnerability to speak your own truth within Truth as life’s journey unfolds. Without the cracking open through expression only darkness remains. The heart and soul remains locked away in darkness, alone and afraid.

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in. That’s how the light gets in.” Leonard Cohen.




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