A signpost to guide the way

This is just a bit of lightheartedness as I look back on the start of a new chapter in my running journey. It is the event that made me a marathon runner.  

Signs and wonders
messages from above
or within
how would I navigate
at least a signpost now and then

Voices of vicars
a voice in the night
the passion of preachers
to shape-up God’s creatures
and telling them what to do
and not do

Voices in my head
that whisper and shout
it can all be a bit confusing
as I try to figure it out
with or without
a few signposts in life

I go here
I go there
I’m going nowhere
at least I’m going fast
most voices say to hurry
I’m spinning
and don’t know
which way to go!
or what to do!

So I just went to the loo
as you do
and found a super signpost there!

People leave stuff to read in loos
or they place them their deliberately
it’s an opportunity for quiet scholarliness
or small notes and quotes
or jokes
or exceptionally, as in this case
a signpost.


It got my attention
before the day was done
I was undone
I knew it
I cried

Then I made a list
and a plan
another marathon runner was born

I’m out there often
tripping on endorphins
flew for five days after my last marathon
a sign post sent me out there
for happiness and health
and quite frankly
a changed and richer life

I have more to say, but that appears and feels like a complete piece of writing. Some of it rhymes, but I’m not sure that it’s poetry. The next bit came to me as a few tips for those who may be interested in finding and reading their signposts. 

If you’re bored
and don’t know what to do
try to avoid
tripping in the loo
it might appear necessary
as we all need our fixes
we are all junkies of some sort
and the universe knows it

Ignore those
on their own illusory
moral high ground
I’ve been there
it’s a terribe place

Just keep going
through the motions
(excuse the pun)
of what can be life mundane
in all it’s unglory

This will include trips to the loo
keep your eyes peeled
and your ears to the ground
signposts can be visual or auditory
and can be found in the most unlikely places

You will recognise yours
it’s a gut feeling kind of a thing
it can be intense
and it may be emotional

just stay calm
no need for ujjayi or pranic breath
regular or slow and deep will do
shallow and fast is not good
when you encounter a signpost
you may already feel lightheaded

So back to the breathe
just do it
tune in
savour the moment
your life is about to take on
a new direction or dimension

It’s simple really
just heed it
do it
enjoy it
and be happy.

I’d love to hear about the moments that may have guided your life path, set you on a new direction or changed your perception. We all learn from each other.

This was previously posted as “A trip to the loo”, before I really understood WordPress and I attached way too many tags. I had so much fun writing it and running those marathons, that I thought it worthwhile to share again. If you connect with what I am sharing, I would really love to hear from you!


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  1. Peter says:

    You inspire me!

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