Less is more

Less darkness means more light, less daylight means more night. Since I’ve slowed down I seem to have more time, but time stays the same around the clock. It’s the things that I do with time that changes this perception. More time means less rushing. Less rushing means more peace of mind. With this then, I become more aware of the rhythm of things; of me too.

I now enjoy the winter: for what it is. It is a wonderful time to slow down and reflect. There is indeed so much time for coziness, for fires, and sofas, for movies and books. For me it has also become a season of increased processing of the many experiences that life offers. In the consumerist society and culture that I find myself, this has been a relief to discover. It is like the opportunity to exhale! Breathing out takes time. Digestions takes time. Creativity takes time.

This wonderful earthly rhythm has brought a liberating and healing practical application to my life. I have to be deliberate about it and I have to maintain the attitude and practical requirements for it. I call it the slower life. For me it is a richer life and also a healthier life.

Initially the slowing down was forced on my through illness. It was the consequence of simply going too fast for too long and eventually the proverbial wheels came off. From that place of standstill, I had the opportunity to awaken. Since then I search and find  different ways to get different results and a slower pace is a fundamental requirement to carry on in this learning and discovering way.

Less is More

Now that’s a life lesson
a skill of sorts
to find your way to
less is more

For me it came just 
after forty
that I finally
found the brakes
and moved into
the slow lane

The slow lane
is a wonderful place
I can stop and close my eyes
to take in smells and sounds
I can slow down, stand, stare
I can ponder and wonder
about all of the things 
of which I am now aware

I can read blogs
(or even write one!)
do coffeedates 
when I find gaps 
in friend’s busy schedules

So far, in this lane
I have less money
that’s no problem 
I have time
Sometimes I have time enough
even to ‘waste’
and that’s much more fun
than wasting money

It’s only a matter of perspective
now that my goals are different
nothing is wasted
I take time
to find healing
to find happy
and then I have time to enjoy.

I take time to 
be quiet
to consider
to be grateful
to write a journal
to phone a friend
to be playful with my son
to pull faces and make him laugh
to read recipes
to grow vegetables
to paint walls
to wear overalls
to breathe deeply
to love fully
to wait patiently
to run
simply because I like it

I chase the slower life
I choose to have time
to enjoy and live

I chased work, career,
achievement, success,
in an unconscious quest
to feel secure

Time spent that way
did not carry healing
it was the patterns
of survival leading
to exhaustion and demise

I believed many lies
busy a status symbol
productivity the only value
whilst inner emptiness 
was never satisfied

But really, busy was
just a place to hide
to get away from the scary place 
of having time
to face my fears, my failures, my pain
the scary place of time
to get to know me
to dare to like me 
and live differently

I’m so grateful that life
pushed me into a corner
where it felt like death
was the only escape
so life became
the only choice

In that corner
seeds were planted
and I’m learning
how to grow them
and enjoy their fruit
it keeps me satisfied!

Seeds of gratitude,
and knowing, finally
that certainly
I am enough
for love. 

I would love to hear from you. What strategies do you have to nurture meaning and happiness in your life?  What life decisions brought greater fulfilment and freedom to your life?



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