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Here is just a little thought for the day, for life, for each moment, for the hard choices when emotions rise high and tempers want to let words and objects fly! It can be hard sometimes… but it is always the better choice. I also know the humbling relief when someone else chooses kindness towards me. It makes the world a better place and turns life into a good experience.

We all feel lonely and hurting at times and kindness can be a ray of light shining into our darkness. Kindness opens the way for connection and courage and has the power to turn a day around for someone else, multiple kindnesses a life, multiplications of multiple kindnesses a culture.

I have found it most useful to practice kindness on myself! I’m always around and needed a lot of practice and it’s so much easier than being judgemental, critical and simply too hard on myself all the time. There is so much more room for laughter and goofiness when there is kindness in my head and heart and in the air.

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