Over the course of the last few years, I have become content. This happened gradually. It happened as a result of introducing new habits into my life.

I have also become full of curiosity, wanting to learn and discover new things. I do not view my life as a problem to be solved anymore, but as an adventure to be lived with the fullness of my being. When I viewed life as a problem to be solved, I was unaware of the negativity of my life view, of course. To view life like that is not natural, it is learned. It is most often the conditioning we receive from our environment and the cultural realities into which we are born.  Finding a different perspective can take decades and is not something to be taken for granted.

When I introduced the new habits into my life, I was rather unaware of their power. I was in a dark and difficult place and was reaching out to God as I understood God. I experienced the knowing of what to do next as inspiration from God. There was a sense of connection and awakening, of finding hope, joy and peace. The journey has solidified my belief that God is a powerful and benevolent being, omnipresent and loving.

So far, generic and specific practices have emerged for me. If I neglect the generic, then the joy of the specific starts to wane.

The generic ones are: thanksgiving, thanksgiving and thanksgiving. Enough sleep and time for reflection.  Simplicity!!!
The specific ones are: running, writing, yoga, play with my son, time with friends, time in nature, reading, music, dancing and any and as many of the aforementioned in different combinations.

So here follows a bit of writing about this journey. It makes me happy to write it and to share it. Let me know what you think. I would also like to know what makes you happy.

Everyday practice
giving thanks
for all the ways
to discover 
the pleasure 
and fullness
of life
in the moment

My pleasures of play
running and writing
and yogaing
crying or laughing
always growing
my breath with my body
my mind and emotions

finding stillness
to be a springboard
for activity

finding a place
to be me
become me
remain me

conformed to the image
of my true nature
uniquely created
as part of a whole

from Divine imagination
so many images

but as we imagine
what an image is
let’s forget for a moment
the sense of sight
so that
all the others
can enter the delight
of exploration
and simply

a little bit further
a little bit deeper
a little bit wider
a littel bit freer
not in a hurry
just taking time
on this journey
of enquiry

time to connect
with me
to be once again
for all that I am
this day
so I can live, truly live

because I am
present and mindful
and engaged
with who I am
in my reality

In this place only
can I discover honesty
learn to live a life
that is pure and true
free from lies and pretense
as I face my own
anger and pain
passion and pleasure

In this place where
I can let go
of the masks and the mirrors
I can finally let it out
until the screams turn
to tears and finally
to quiet

In this place
I find peace
I make peace
and as I rest
I find my song
and my laughter
and discover
what makes me
and what makes me
truly happy.

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