Myth makers

And it was evening and it was morning, another day. 
And we said, let there be love.
And then we lived it, we made it so.
We chose to be gods: to love and forgive,
not ignorant of your humanness
our shadowside, our tiredness.

It’s is not by pretense that we become gods
but by
accepting what’s bitter
so we can taste sweetness
accepting what’s ugly
transform it to beauty
embrace what is broken, imperfect,
find wholeness. 

Life is tough and often perplexing. Life can seem unfair, even meaningless.  Life can be painful and sad. Yet there is also beauty and there is hope. There is meaning and there is also pleasure. How to embrace it all? How to find meaning? How to find love? But love is not found, we have to create it. And in that is meaning and embrace of all. In love is acceptance and forgiveness and room to change, to grow, to evolve, to feel. I believe that love only exists in our choices. We have to create it. The power to make love real lies with us in our everyday often even mundane choices.

What do you think?

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