Slow down or race right along

Chasing is exhausting

Yet we chase

We are born into the race

And so we learn to hurry up

From early on

Tired the norm

Our state of being

Hard to remember


There is no time for that


Life’s too short for that

Who wants to live in the past


Let alone the present

So we chase not our dreams

Not enough time for sleep

Which is sort of

Pre-requisite for dreams

When you are born

Into the chase

The race

For more money

More stuff

More success but who defines that

More achievement

More recognition

The two things you cannot chase

Is more health

And more love

For that

You have to slow down

And find time

To sleep

To dream

To heal

To remember

The time before the

Hurrying started

The time before the

Clock ruled supreme

The time before the

Bottom line was all wrong

The time before the things that counted

Were the things that can be counted

Measured weighed

And so we become





Empty shells

And simply exhausted.

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  1. Carin Malan says:

    Ons is al so geprogrammeer om altyd te jaag dat stadiger lewe voel soos tydmors. Hoe ironies kan dit nie wees nie?

    Liked by 1 person

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