No more stinking thinking

Take off those blinkers
they really are stinkers
as long as you wear them
they make you want to
hang around
with thinkers
who think along
the same stinking
blinker lines as you

carving deep lines
of bondage
into the minds
of the blinking stinking
caterpillars that refuse
to die
grow wings
become beautiful
and fly

I only know
because I wore
those blinkers for
too blinking long
but I’m grateful
they are going
and gone

And since I now see
broader and wider
higher, freer, clearer
I dare not stay
for too long. 

I’ve kept that one for over a year! However, I know why and will reveal the reason in subsequent posts.

Life is an extraordinary journey! At the moment I feel like I’m in a season of discovery and I’m loving it. It is also a season of connections and connecting.

If any of my writing resonates with you, I would love to hear from you. Are you on a journey of discovery? Are you an explorer? Of ideas, of places, of creatures, of science?

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