Essential beauty

Beauty is no luxury
It’s an absolute necessity
for a healthy soul
like breath and water
for the life of the body

The presence of beauty
is not enough
it’s all around
the sky
the stars
the sun
the moon

the birds, flowers, trees
sound of wind and waves
even people, broken humanity

It has to be ingested
to be of benefit
processed through 
your very own creative
to have its full effect

so stop to stare
              to smell
              to hear
              to touch
be crazy, give a tree a hug!

Let the beauty 
flood your soul
remind you that life
has not been given
as a quest 
to survive

No! Life has been given
as a quest
to know
the One who gave it

the One 
who can set us free
from the quest
for survival

the One 
who lift the burden
of fear
and faithlessness

the One who propels us
into the truth
of who
we truly are!

I’ve been experiencing a creative flow in my life like never before. It all started with that trip to Snowdonia to run a marathon around the mountain. I remember also, the signpost that took me there. It’s in my poem ‘trip to the loo’.

I’ve really just been trying to keep up! It’s brilliant so much fun to keep on writing and giving out what I’m given. I could do this more and more and more. Running to keep up. Well I love running too, so it’s a win-win situation.

So my domain is called keys in your hand and this little writing is one that’s been sitting around for awhile. I wrote it back in February 2016, enjoying the journey of ongoing discovery. Beauty was such a wonderful key to pick up. Without the slowing down for the appreciation of beauty, I doubt that I would ever have discovered the key of creativity! For me, creativity is hard to beat in terms of having fun. Creative on paper, creative in relationships, creative in movement, creative in thought, searching for other creatives who look for solutions and refuse to get bogged down and dragged down with a life that is hard. Life is hard, but it’s beautiful, it just take a bit of time and attention to notice and make it yours.

How do you ignite your creativity and how do enjoy to let if flow?

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