Blissful surrender

We can try to make sense of our own path in life from many different perspectives. We are complex beings who live complex lives interwoven with each other’s and the other life forms all around us. Who can understand or make sense of it all? I think it is a worthwhile pursuit for each and every one of us, trying to make sense of our lives. To be truthful, I would find it hard to not do that. I even try to make sense of life in general and understand the paths of others. However, the only being I have any control over (Oh but as I aim for flow, I do not like the word control!), making sense of my life is a beginning!

So this is one small making sense collection of words I wrote down on the weekend. Of course, the words started marching through my head whilst I was out on a beautiful trail run on Gower Peninsula. See Feature image.

Blissful surrender

Whilst I was longing
for love
and a loved one

I had a taste first
then got caught up in church
escaped with some help
of Jesus and the Spirit
went out into the world
fell in love with the Earth!

Oh bliss of my being
as I find harmony
with me
and the cycles and seasons
of all things

my heartbeat
my breath
my repetitive motion
subtly responsive to what’s inside and around

the sun will rise again
the moon will be full again
the spring will break out again
the leap year will come again

this is all well and good
but time keeps passing
my time on this earth
more difficult to surrender
to those things that take longer
than a heartbeat, a breath, a day or a season
some things take longer than a year
or a decade

some things take a lifetime
maybe generations
treasure and freedom to be found
in the cycle and rhythm
of death and birth.

Do you carry unfulfilled dreams and longings in your heart? How do you carry them? Can we hinder our dreams from coming true and our longings from being fulfilled? I think the question is rhetorical. Of course we can. How? That is the real question. Comments are welcome!

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