I recently read a book by Dr Philip Maffetone: “The Endurance Handbook”. It is a marvellous book. Whether you consider yourself an endurance athlete or not, I recommend it. If you have a body and you are alive, you are enrolled on the greatest endurance event there is. It is called life and life can be lived so much better when we know how to get the most from our bodies.

As usual, the information goes into me, gets swirled and mixed with my unique experiences and memories to come out again, often in the shape of a silly (maybe meaningful) rhyme. I’ll let you be the judge of that. Only silly, what meaning, if any, or merely gibberish?

The ocean’s full of plastic
The supermarket full of processed ‘food’
we sit on chairs
we walk in shoes
too many treadmills
chlorinated pools

No wonder we’re 
stressed out, worn out
disconnected and confused.

Just thought I’d mention
use my voice
make a sound
or be as dumb and dead
as a green, but plastic plant.

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